Simon Crampton

Role: Branch Chair (Steward)


Phone number: 01522 886744

Simon is a Senior Engineer within the Estates Department. A highly experienced trade unionist and caseworker, he is passionate about giving members the very best representation, both individually and corporately.

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Joy Knight

Role: Branch Secretary (Steward)


Phone number: 01522 886340

Joy works in the School of History and Heritage. A dedicated and enthusiastic caseworker, Joy is always in demand for personal representation. She is particularly passionate about reducing gender inequality within the organisation.

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Daren Mansfield

Role: Deputy Branch Secretary (Steward)


Phone number: 01522 886094

Daren works in the Library as an Academic Subject Librarian. A former Welfare Officer, Daren is an experienced and compassionate caseworker, who fights hard to get the best outcomes for all members.

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Amanda Strauch

Role: Treasurer


Phone number: 01522 837179

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Elizabeth Rundle

Role: Equalities Officer


Phone number: 01522 837827

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Jantze Holmes

Role: Health & Safety Officer (Steward)


Phone number: 01522 835234

Jantze (pronounced yansi) is a College of Arts technician and has worked at the University since 2013. She loves books, cooking, drawing and has a wildlife friendly garden. She is proud to work in education, the public sector and to be a member of Unison.

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Amanda Dow

Role: International Officer


Phone number: 01522 837695

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Nick Dore

Role: Retired Members Officer


Phone number:

Nick started working at the University in the library in 1999, and joined Unison immediately. A strong trade unionist and former NASUWT rep, he retired in 2015 and put his name forward to represent retired members with the aim of persuading as many retirees as possible of the considerable benefits of retaining membership of Unison.

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Rob Gilfoyle

Role: Environmental Officer


Phone number: 01522 886301

Rob joined the University in April of 2000 and is passionate about helping the university reach its (GHG) emissions reduction target of 43% by 2021. A keen cyclist and walker, Rob is eager to hear any views or concerns from members regarding the university’s environmental and sustainability strategy.

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Sue Partridge

Role: Branch Administrator & Membership Officer (Steward)


Phone number: 01522 886883

Sue joined the university in December 2017. She is passionate about speaking up for those with no voice, raising the profile of UNISON within the university, and encouraging members to engage more actively with the union.

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Oonagh Monaghan

Role: Workplace Contact


Phone number: 01522 886078

Oonagh works in the Library as an Academic Subject Librarian. A long-standing member of UNISON, Oonagh is passionate about equality and fairness. In her spare time spare time she enjoys being creative, reading and nature.

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